Agersø | Sjællands Vestkyst


Agersø has been inhabited since the Stone Age, and the island’s history includes many high points. Today, the island is a pleasant, relaxed community with the harbour as a natural meeting point during the summer months. Agersø boasts more than 100 holiday cottages, 2 campsites and an inn. The many beautiful parts of the island make it an obvious choice as a holiday destination, where the stress and pressure wash away in the wake of the ferry.


Agersø Marina

Agersø is centrally located in the Great Belt and visited easily from Næstved, Karrebæksminde, Skælskør, Korsør, Kerteminde, Nyborg, Lundeborg , Lohals og Omø. 

Kayaking on Agersø Island

You can rent a sea kayak on Agersø Island to enjoy the Island from another point of view

dinner is served

Dining out

A holiday is not a holiday without food and drink