Nekselø – explore a different island

Nekselø Island – a perfect way to spend a day for an active and eager family

The nature on Nekselø is very special with many rare spices of flowers and animals. There are two signposted routes with trails that wend their way through the Landscape. So if you decide to take the little ferry from Havnsø to Nekselø Island, a different experience is waiting for you. Many think that Nekselø is the loveliest Island in Denmark, and it is so small that you are able to walk all the way around in a day.

Remember to bring your lunch, because you are not able to purchase food or beverages. Toilets and drinking water are available on the mole.


The nature on Nekselø

The nature on Nekselø Island The special climate on Nekselø means it is warm enough for swallow worth, musk mallow, deer foot and wild marjoram, which are otherwise rare in our latitudes. There are also rare steppe plants such as roses and field cow wheat. Around the salt marshes on the southern part of the island and the boggy lake in the north, there are little ringed plovers, kestrels, golden orioles, rough-legged buzzards and short eared owls. Because of its special wildlife and countryside, the whole island has been protected since 1951.


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Nekselø yachting harbour

Nekselø Harbour is tiny; especially with an easterly wind it’s best to be on the inside of the pier.

A beautiful contryside is not to be taken for granted

The Island needs to be grazed because otherwise it will become overgrown with scrubs and trees. So in May each year, 15 suckling cows with their calves and a bull are ferried across to the Island. They are responsible for naturally tending the southern part of the Island, and a local farmer on the island keeps sheep and cows at the northern end of the Island. Although there are bulls, you can freely enter the folds - the animals are busy grazing and enjoying the view! 

Once upon a time

Nekselø is privately owned and has 21 permanent residents – 17 adults and 4 children. Many of them have lived on the island all their lives. One of such individuals is Roar Slots, who is 81 years old. He remembers the time when there was no ferry and you could ride a pony and trap along the reef to Nekselø. He made his last trip over in 1967 – now there is too much water to be able to use the route. In his youth, Roar rowed tourist across to the island.