Holiday on an island

A holiday on a Danish island is a unik experience. 

This is where you will find village idyll, farm shops and the peace and serenity which you can be feel deep into your soul. 


A pleasant, relaxed community with the harbour as a natural meeting point



På Sejerø går tiden langsommere, der er højere til himlen – og roen kan mærkes helt ind i sjælen. Du sejler med færgen fra Havnsø. Sejlturen tager 59 min, og så er du pludselig meget langt væk


Packed with scenic sensations, and hospitable islanders


One-day trip

We also have some islands that are so small and unique that you can only go there for a one-day trip. Nekselø has guided tours you can join, but it is also a lovely island, to discover on your own. 

You can only visit Sprogø on a guided tour offered through our tourist office. 


The most beautiful island ...