Active holidays

- fresh air, big skies, deep water and kilometres of countryside.

West Zealand offers you plenty of opportunities for an active holiday. Here on this page you will find inspiration to plan an action-packed vacation.

Everyone knows by now that exercise and activity are good for your health and give you the energy to cope with the rigours of day-to-day life. West Zealand has so many activities to offer that it's simply a question of getting started. The most usual of them, such as following one of the many paths or cycle tracks in the area, present challenges for both hardened recreational athletes and people who want to enjoy the countryside at a steady pace. Horse riding is another possibility.

No. 2 - Walking Holiday

Our nature invites to holiday in open air, where the sky is high and there is room to enjoy the holidays. Go for a walk - short or long - at the beach, in the woods with a backpack and lunchbag or stop by a diner.

No. 3 - Cycling holiday

Take your bike with you on holiday and enjoy the holidays slowly

No. 4 - Golf Vacation

At West Zealand you will find 4 golf courses, all located in the beautiful scenery

No. 5 - Fishing

The weather is not essential for a true angler, bring your fishing rod on holiday in West Zealand

No. 6 - Holiday on Horseback

Nature is experienced intensely on horseback

No. 7 - Outdoor Fitness

Exercise Oases, a fitness track in the woods, a footprint, parkour, natural resting and natural playgrounds. The possibility exists in West Zealand, to actively use nature as an exercise tool.

dinner is served

Dining out

A holiday is not a holiday without food and drink