Vikings at West Zealand |Trelleborg | Denmark

Visit the Vikings at Trelleborg

When you visit Denmark, West Zealand, you must visit Trelleborg. When you visit Trelleborg it is just as it was when the vikings lived there. 

Trelleborg is a Viking fortress from around year 980. It was the first discovery of a circle castle in Denmark, and we believe it has been a military facility for the vikings.

During the summer season you can have an eventful day, you can become "Viking for a day", shoot with bows and arrows, make your own butter, visit the blacksmith and make your own jewelry or your own knife and much more.

Facts about Trelleborg

- The castle was built by King Harald Bluetooth

- Trelleborg is a circular fortress with a diameter of 170 meters

- The fortress was fortified with a 17 meter wide circle of violence

- The gates of the violence is located in the 4 corners of the world

- It is located on the peninsula between the confluence of Vårby Å and Tude Å

- Denmark's only Viking shield found at Trelleborg

- The fortress was excavated in the period 1934 - 1942

- The tombs are found sense things such as beads, bronze buckles and game pieces

- The fortress is constructed of a sophisticated mathematical measurement system