Living at West Zealand

West Zealand boasts four historic market towns, seven idyllic islands, 150 charming villages, 75 of explorable woodland and 340 km of attractive coastline. Along this coast line you have a magnificient view of the Great Belt, and Denmark’s largest structure – the Great Belt Bridge. 

The towns of West Zealand

The cities in West Zealand all dates back to the beginning of 1300. However they are all very much alive and each filled with their own special slant and possibilities.

The islands around West Zealand

The islands off West Zealand have it all – and much more! Agersø with its lovely scenic areas, Nekselø one of the most beautiful Danish islands, Omø with one of the best-preserved villages,  Sejerø the sunniest island and Sprogø with its interesting history. You will have happy memories to take home with you, weather you spend your all holiday on the islands or just pay them a visit. 

A pleasant, relaxed community with the harbour as a natural meeting point


Packed with scenic sensations, and hospitable islanders



Crossing point for the bridges over the Great Belt,


The most beautiful island ...

På Sejerø går tiden langsommere, der er højere til himlen – og roen kan mærkes helt ind i sjælen. Du sejler med færgen fra Havnsø. Sejlturen tager 59 min, og så er du pludselig meget langt væk

A holiday is not a holiday without food and drink