Betwwen Zealand and Funen lies a tiny island, called Sprogø. It is very visible to anyone, but only a few has actually visited the island.

Today, the island serves as a crossing point for the bridges over the Great Belt, but Sprogø’s history goes back much further, and is as fascinating as it is tragic. The island has served as a base for pirates and as the home of “De Kellerske Anstalter” institution for disempowered women with learning difficulties who were ostracised by society. Trips to Sprogø are organised through Tourist Offices.

The island of Sprogø

Every day the Island is passed by more than 30.000 vehicles, which only drives over the island – you are not allowed to stop on Sprøgø Island. But it not impossible to get to the little secret island, you can get there on a guided tour, there both takes you to the original Sprøgø Island and to Nysprogø. 


Sprogø's History

”Between Zealand and Fun lies a little island, Sprogø Island. It is a place for robbers to live and horror for the passing people.”

Quote from 1070 from Adam of Bremen

Until 1961 have the girls, which were looked upon as frivolous and of easy virtue, probably said the same thing. These girls where deport to Sprogø Island.  

Helt frem til 1961 har de piger, der af samfundet blev stemplet som letfærdige og løsagtige, sikkert også haft samme opfattelse af den lille ø, de var blevet landsforvist til.


Boat trip to the offshore wind park

The Nature on Sprogø Island

The Great Belt Bridge

A holiday is not a holiday without food and drink


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