Are you thinking about holidaying somewhere where you decide the tempo, with the most delightful scenery right outside your door? Then Omø might just be the place for you and your family. Omø is a little island approximately 4.5 km2 in area, but it is packed with scenic sensations, bathing beaches and hospitable islanders who are always pleased to receive tourists. Here you will find general stores, a kiosk, a campsite, barbecue and farm shop, as well as lots of enjoyable events all year round.

Activities on Omø

On Omø Island you can have peace and lots of activities at the same time. Here is a very special community, which is based on solidarity and love for the island. 

Read the Agersø & Omø magasinet 2013 online

Agersø-Omø turistmagasin 2013

The Langelænder Farm - a multicultural and culinary place 

Omø Church

The archive on Omø Island

The Nature on Omø

Omø Cultural day

Events on Omø Island

Get to Omø Island

You can only get to Omø with the ferry from Stigsnæs on Zealand, or in your own boat.

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Omø Ferry

Omø Marina offers authentic island atmosphere. The port offers everything a sailor needs, plus camping.

Accommodation on Omø Island 

Dine on Omø Island 

Around Omø

Omø is a little Island, which is easy to access either walking or biking. 

Bike rental on Omø Island 

Hiking on Omø Island

Hiking on Omø Island 

Omø tourist guide

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